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Welcome to Revo Sro


✓ First of all you should go to ®REGISTER to create a new account.
✓ After registering you need to ↡Download the full client.
✓ Also you can download our media but I recommend you to download the full client to avoid any future problems.
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Guide Question and answer.

➀ Start lvl ?
● Start lvl 110
➁ How i can get nova items ?
● in npc for 1 gold
➂ How i can get Egy items ?
● in npc for arena coins
➃ How i can get arena coins ?
● arena coins drop from mobs 109 and from events reward
➃ How i can get special avatars and titles and scrolls Etc ... ?
● in npc for gold coins
➄ How i can get gold coins ?
● From Battle arena and uniques